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Mother Mary is the epitome of all virtues, the masterpiece of God. When He was creating her, He was   fashioning a temple   or tabernacle   for Himself, a befitting place for Him to dwell, His first dwelling on earth. Would He, as the Maker of Heaven and earth, the Maker of all that exists, the one who created all things out of nothing, have had difficulty in creating His own mother? Would He not have made her the best possible? Even we mere mortals, who cannot create anything, like to think our mothers are the most beautiful and the best mothers in the world though others can clearly see their ugliness of character and form!


By any standards, Mother Mary is incomparable. She is the daughter of God, the Father, and spouse of the Holy Spirit. Each one of the Blessed Trinity added their own to her perfections and did not stop until they were satisfied. God the Father made her the most perfect daughter possible while the Holy Spirit endowed her with a plenitude of His 7-fold gifts and 12 fruits.


As the child Mary grew up, these virtues blossomed in her life for all to see. She was outstanding, an object of admiration, for all people of goodwill, and of envy to many of her peers. Her one and only love was God and she did not allow anything to divert her attention from Him or create a wedge between them.


Mother Mary's life is instructive. We shall all do well to learn from her and to imitate her so that we can become like her and, at the end of life's journey, be admitted into Heaven as true children of Mother Mary.



                                                                        Salve Regina