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“Be Holy”. This is our ultimate desire, the summation of all our goals, objectives and overall principles. We desire and strive to be like Him who is HOLINESS PERSONIFIED. For Christ our model cried out “Be Holy”. Tell your people to run away from sin. They must never touch sin”.


We are prepared to pay the price – whatever it may be for this holiness and to shed whatever it is, that needs to be shed in our times to attain this holiness. All that pleases God, all that is good, all that is worthy, all that is honorable – with these we march forward towards the upward goal which His call holds for us -: “BE HOLY!!” Says Christ to us.


And as one of our Fathers in the Lord challenged us some time ago “Be Saints”.


To all these we say ‘AMEN’ through Christ our Lord.


We make this prayer through Christ your son our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit one God forever and ever. Amen.


Therefore the main purpose of this page and other relevant linked pages is to show us how to grow in Holiness as demanded by the Lord from all who wish to gain entry into His Kingdom.



For summary of sermon talks by Sr. Stella-Maris and audios please click relevant links below